A lot of you have expressed concerns about our posts featuring Malia and how we’ve been tagging them. After talking it over, we’ve decided to tag them as BOTH “malia tate” and “malia hale”. This way we hope we won’t offend anybody and we’ll be able to reach both sides of the fandom depending on who chooses to call her what.  If you have any problems with this feel free to let us know but this how we’re choosing to tag our posts and sending us hate will not persuade our decision. 

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Teen Wolf Ladies + Name meanings

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1) We didnt mean to offend any of our followers who come from adopted households, if we have we are sincerely sorry. We understand that she is a tate, was born a tate and most likely would always consider herself as a tate. Introducing the malia hale tag was to help her confessions be better recognized and found in the tumblr tags. We see both sides in the situation concerning what to tag malia. We are discussing what to tag her from here on out so that we dont offend our followers.

 2) Sending us hate isnt going to get anything done. 

- Shantel.

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