Anonymous: "For the admin app- do we have to use something really fancy to make photo edits? I just use an app on my phone but I'd really love to apply as an admin!"

It doesnt matter what program you use to make edits, as long as they look good and you can easily use the app to make 50-100 confessions each week (: 

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Anonymous: "Not exactly a confession, but I just realized that Derek is probably the only werewolf to have his eyes change from yellow to blue to red, and back again."


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Anonymous: "Not a confession: Why do you think that peter hale wasnt on the deadpool?"

Wow, first of all i suck at theories, just saying, but i know lots of people think peter is the benefactor, but i personally think that is way too obvious to be the truth. maybe he knows who the benefactor is and they made sort of a deal where peter is getting power from the supernatural deaths. 

I think/hope the benefactor is going to be somebody that we least expect because if it is Gerard or Peter it wouldn’t be that much of a shocker. 

If anyone has any better theories which you all most likely do, feel free to comment below lol

- Shantel

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Anonymous: "will you be choosing more than one admin?"

as of right now, we are looking for one admin but there is a possibility that we may decide to bring on 2 admins at the end of the application process. 

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aren’t the confessions supposed to be closed now? just wondering, haha


It closes at 11:00 pm est today 

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I'm gonna save єνєяуσηє.

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Anonymous: "not a confession - we still don't know who the benefactor is, right? peter's not supposed to be it, he just has plans otherwise for power? i was a little confused by the ending, just curious if I understood it right."

No we don’t know who the benefactor is yet, i doubt we’ll find out until we get closer to the finale. Peter was just saying how he wants power and i think his plans will involve kate argent.

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I’m so confused?! Why did Meredith kill herself?! 


She wasn’t stable and was obviously scared of what the benefactor said to her. Her being a banshee and knowing the codes, its very possible that she knew she was on that list and being scared led her to commit suicide. But of course this is only my theory. No matter the reason, its very sad news and the teen wolf fandom will miss her dearly. She had such great potential. :(

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1) Just wanted to remind everyone to look through our previous posts before sending in confessions because we try not to post confessions that are similar and or identical to a confession already posted. 

2) I know we have lots of new followers, but i dont want to constantly remind people to send confessions in through ask box only, If you send it in through fanmail, expect it not to be posted, its in our FAQ 

Thank you so much!

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WOW. Another great episode tonight, garrett and violet are gone. Derek better not die! just wow. I am dying to hear everyones thoughts, Confessions are now open! 

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As some of you may or may not know it takes a lot of work to run a confession blog. There are currently 3 admins who run this blog and for a while that was enough but the popularity of this blog keeps growing (thanks to all your tremendous support) and it’s getting hard for us to keep up with you guys, especially when we’re receiving 300 plus confessions in as little as 24 hours.  This blog is nearing 25k followers and we have decided to give one of those followers a chance to be a new admin to beaconhillsconfessions!

There will be sort of an audition process to try and narrow down who be the best fit to make part of our team. 

Some of the qualities that we are looking for in our future admin/admins are:

If you believe that you have these qualities and would like to apply for the position, these are the instructions on how to do so


1. On the application form, there will be a set of questions, answer them truthfully please.

2. Set up a page in which you will showcase your graphics like a portfolio. In this page you can have edits, gifs… whatever you believe may impress us, or you can post the graphics and edits and tag them a specific tag so that its “” however you MUST have 4 confessions edits. So we can see how well your confessions will look on our blog. Please have a credit stamp on all your graphics (at least your confession edits) so we know you are not stealing from other sources. There will be a space on the application to give us a link to your page. 

3. Dont be alarmed if we contact you during the process just to talk. Since we are like a family here, we will like to get to know you guys personally as much as we could so that you feel comfortable with us. 

We will be taking applications from Monday July 28th until Monday August 4th. We will officially select our new admin on Thursday August 7th and they will be contacted through email and announced publicly on this blog. 

For any questions or concerns dont be afraid to contact us. We have been through this too before. Do so through our fanmail and we will try our best to reply ASAP

Good luck! <3 

-Gracie, Shantel, Lauren

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