Our apologies for not opening the box on time. We had left over confessions in our box that we had to take out so that it wouldn’t get mixed up with tonight’s episodes confessions. One of our admins has been on hiatus so her share of confessions will be done sometime.
Without further ado…Hello to another Moonday! It’s actually the first Monday of September; crazy how time flies, we’re already at the second last episode of season 4! Moving on, We hope you all enjoyed A Promise To The Dead! Now, it’s time for you to share what you thought about the episode!

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Thank you for the massive support last week as usual. Also, this week is the week that some of us are starting school so we apologize in advance if any confessions are posted late, we hope you understand. We will try and get them up as soon as possible. we hope you enjoy the confessions for this week! :)

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Random Thought- am i the only one who thinks that the plant that chris was holding in the beginning of the episode may actually be to help derek with his “human” issue?

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